UV sterilizers

Effective, chemicals free disinfection method.
Wide selection of sizes and applications from drinking water disinfection to wastewater treatment.



UV sterilizers


Effective, chemicals free disinfection method.

Wide selection of sizes and applications from drinking water disinfection to wastewater treatment.


UV disinfection
Closed-pipe UV systems Open-channel UV disinfection Drinking water UV systems Submersible UVC lamps UV electronic ballast Medium pressure UV systems


Customized design and OEM/ODM services available.

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UV Product List

  • Advantages of UV disinfection

1. High disinfection efficiency

UV light with a wavelength of 254 nm is very effective against pathogenic microorganisms,including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. It also is capable of inactivating Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which are not destroyed by conventional chlorine disinfection.

2. Short treatment time

It takes only a few seconds to kill or inactivate pathogens with at least 99.99% efficiency.

3. Optimal cost

Only 1 kWh is needed to disinfect 800 tons or 30,000 cubic feet of water.

4. Safety

Physical, chemical-free process, n . Doesn’t affect the initial pH level, change chemical composition, taste or odor of water.

5. Convenient installation and operation

Simple installation and maintenance. Continuous operation. Minimum moving parts. Small footprint. Custom design available.

6. Large capacity

UV systems can treat 1-100 (264-26,400 gpm) of water per minute. Flowrate is almost not affected by water temperature.

7. Automatic control

Fully automatic PLC control. Customized system set up. Emergency alarm and shutdown. Remote control (optional).

8. Reliability

Our engineers have more than 20 years of experience in water treatment.We incorporate their know-how patented technologies to the UV systems,along with brand name key components (lamps, ballast).

  • Applications

UV disinfection is an effective, safe, and economical treatment method currently used world-wide in various industries, from municipal water treatment plants to private businesses, and industrial plants. Below are the potential applications of the UV systems:

 1. Mineral water production
 2. Wastewater: municipal sewage, hospitals, industrial plants, oil-fields;
 3. Drinking water: tap water, office buildings, surface water (well, lake, river);
 4. Technical water: food and beverage production, electronics, cosmetics, etc.);
 5. Water recycling: swimming pools, fountains, landscape design, cooling towers;
 6. Aquariums and fisheries;
 7. Irrigation in agriculture and hydroponics;
 8. Decomposition of TOC, ozone, chlorine residuals, and chloramines;
 9. Disinfection of thick liquids:protein solutions, syrops, juice concentrates;
 10. Mobile treatment for army, field camps, ships, airplanes, etc.

  • Products

1. KCF – large systems for municipal treatment plants;
2. KCS – small systems for residential houses and small businesses;
3. KCW – closed-pipe systems, primarily for drinking water treatment;
4. KCJ – sumbersible UV system to be used in tanks or vessels;
5. Powerful medium-pressure UV systems.

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