Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

RO system

RO systems have a long service life time and a broad application. Treated water meets all drinking water standards and can be used directly.
RO water purifier

Our RO systems include all required components, such as pretreatment, RO module, and post treatment system (if needed). We use only high-quality parts and materials from world-famous brands (DOW, Hydranautics, Toray, etc.) to ensure reliable and long-term operation.

We specialize in manufacturing small and medium size RO systems 3 with flowrates from 0.5 to 1,000 m /hr for various industries and applications, from drinking water purification and sea water desalination to production of ultrapure water used in electronics and chemical industry.

Main features include fully automatic PLC control, highly permeable membranes, optional energy recovery system, precise measuring and control instruments, low energy consumption, automatic rinse function, low/high voltage protection, emergency alarm and shutdown, compact size, and many others.

  • RO filtration

RO filtration is achieved by using high pressure to overcome the osmotic pressure and drive pure water out of the concentrated solution through semipermeable membrane. RO filtration removes suspended solids, large ions, bacteria, viruses, colloids, organic matter, and up to 98% of soluble salts. It can be used for several purposes from basic water purification to separating and concentrating various solutions for manufacturing or research applications. RO filtration is an advanced treatment method with low operating cost, high efficiency, and small footprint.

  • RO system configuration

Typical RO system includes three main components: pretreatment, RO filtration, and posttreatment. Pretreatment is used to improve raw water quality, protect RO membranes from fouling, and prolong system life time;

RO module is a key element of the system. RO membranes can remove up to 98% of soluble salts and large ions, almost 100% of pathogens, colloids, and small suspended solids. RO module consists of high pressure pump, RO unit, and RO rinsing system;

Post treatment can be used to further remove salts and ions (EDI, Ion Exchange resins) or to disinfect water (UV disinfection). Main purpose of post treatment is to improve water quality and meet customer’s requirements.

configuration of ro

  • Components

Raw water tank-Intake pumps-Multi-media filter-GAC filter-Sand filter-Softener-Cartridge filter-1st high pressure pump 1st pass RO module-Interstage storage tank 2nd high pressure pump 2nd pass RO module Disinfection Product water tank Product water pump-Distribution system

ro components 2


ro components

  • Functions of the components

Raw water tank: used to store raw water; also provides additional time and space for sedimentation;
Sand filter: removes large particles, suspended solids and silt content;
GAC filter: adsorbs residual chlorine, TOC, controls color and odor;
Softener:  filled with cation resin to remove calcium and magnesium,reduce water hardness, and prevent scaling on the RO membranes;
Cartridge filterwith:  a pore size of 5 microns; removes larger mechanical particles and prevents damage to the membrane;
RO module: main element; removes large ions, soluble salts, colloids, and small suspended solids;
Product water tank:  stores purif


  • Features

function of ro1. Desalination rate is up to 99%;
2. Fully automatic control with emergency alarm and shutdown;
3. Low energy consumption, short maintenance time, low operating cost;
4. High quality imported high-pressure pumps with low noise level and excellent efficiency;
5. Low pressure switch to protect pumps and membranes;
6. Flowmeters for raw, concentrated, and product water for process monitoring and control;
7. Membrane flush valve can be used to rinse the membrane, prevent fouling, and increase service life;
8. Minimum wearing parts and maintenance time for continuous, long-term use;
9. Customized computer design and wide selection of brands and materials help to provide best value for the money.

  • Applications

1. Power industry: boilers feed water, cooling towers;ro-feature
2. Electronics£ºultrapure water for semiconductors manufacturing;
3. Food and beverage production: water used for dilution, food preparation or washing;
4. Drinking water: pure and mineral water production;
5. Desalination: drinking and technical water for islands, coastal regions, ships, and oil platforms;
6. Water recycling: extracting elements from waste water, zero-dischargeand water reuse projects;
7. Pharmaceutical: aseptic water preparation, process water, dilution, washing;
8. Chemical and petrochemical industry: process water, concentrating and diluting, product ingredients (AdBlue preparation, etc.), oilfield water.

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