Ozone injection systems

There are two key components needed for effective ozone disinfection. First is the ozone generator, providing stable and reliable ozone flowrate. Second element is the mixing system or injection system. Effective mixing is required to ensure sufficient ozone concentration in the water, needed to kill pathogens or oxidize harmful compounds. It is vitally important to have highly efficient injection system, otherwise the capacity of your ozone generator will not be used completely and target disinfection goal might not be achieved.

Mixing methods

  • 1. Bubble diffuser

Principle – counter current, cocurrent or both contactor design. Continuous or intermittent operation. Advantages: low power consumption, no moving parts, simple operation, good zone transfer rates. Disadvantages: fouling of the diffusing pores, deep contact basin, additional air compressor.

  • 2. Venturi injector

Principle – negative pressure injection through a conical device. High pressure pump us often used for the sidestream to increase pressure difference.

  • Advantages:

no moving parts, high ozone transfer rates, compact size.

Disadvantages: higher energy usage, complex operation and high cost.

Our Venturi injectors are made of a strong PVDF plastic to ensure long service life and reliable operation.

  • Specification

ozone injector

  • 3. Jet mixing chamber (SLW)

Principle – combines the efficiency of vacuum venturi injector with simplicity of static mixers. Injector is used to add ozone to the water, then static mixers further split gas bubbles to increase the contact area and to improve mixing efficiency. Allows achieving more than 90% ozone transfer efficiency. When combined with high-capacity SOZ-6G ozone generator, can achieve more than 0.8 – 1.0 mg/L ozone concentrations.

For SLW systems we use only ozone resistant materials: main chamber is made of 304/316 stainless steel, other parts, including inner components are made of PVDF or ABS. This approach increases system life time and minimizes the maintenance.

Ozone injection systems specification

  • 4. Gas-liquid mixing pump

Mixing pumps provide directly supply of ozone into the pipeline. Ozone and water are mixed by pump’s high-speed impeller, which gives excellent transfer rate and dissolution. Unique pump design ensures that there is no cavitation which can be dangerous to the equipment. Mixing pumps can be applied at the point-of-use, but for better results mixing tank can be installed.

  • 5. Hybrid mixing system

Mixing towers are still widely used for gas-liquid mixing due to their simplicity and efficiency. New modern design, combined with a venturi injector increases mixing tower performance up to 80%, allowing to achieve ozone concentration of 10 mg/L and more.

Hybrid mixing system design is shown on the diagram below. System consist of jet mixing chamber, mixing tank, high pressure pump, automatic pressure relief valve, pressure gauges, and check valves. The internal design of mixing tower is not shown on the picture.

ozone injector structure

Hybrid mixing system layout

Tank specifications: diameter – 600 mm, 800 mm, 1,000mm, 1,200 mm, 1,500mm; height – 2,500 mm; tank wall thickness – ≥2.5 mm; 304/316 stainless steel.

ozone injector part

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