One stage RO system

One stage RO system can be used to produce high-quality pure water for drinking or technical applications. It includes the pretreatment system to improve water quality prior to the RO filtration and prolong system service life. Using modern RO membranes allows achieving up to 99.5% desalination rate and also removes colloids, organics, and pathogens.

  • One stage RO system flowchart


  • Advantages:

1. High desalination rate and treatment efficiency;
2. Low footprint;
3. Stable and reliable automatic operation;
4. Long service life;
5. Low operation cost;
6. No chemical effluent dangerous for the environment.

  • Key system components:

Raw water tank (if needed) – stores raw water and provide additional time for sedimentation of large mechanical particles presented in ground water.

Raw water pump – pumps raw water from the raw water tank through the pretreatment system.

Coagulation – coagulant can be applied to remove the excess of iron and manganese and improve the performance of quartz sand filter. Used when iron concentration is above 0.3 mg/L and there are more than 20 mg/L of suspended solids.

Multi-media filter – mechanical filter removing sediments and suspended solids, rust, colloids, and other large particles. Has manual or automatic control valve for effective rinsing and backwashing.

Activated carbon filter – GAC filter removing residual chlorine, colloids, organic matter, and some heavy metals.

Softener – reduces carbonate hardness to prevent fouling of the RO membrane by scaling and deposition.

Cartridge filter – removes mechanical particles larger than 5 microns to protect the high-pressure pump and RO membranes.

RO unit – further improves water quality, removing smaller particles, pathogens, and some ions from the water.

UV disinfection – UV disinfection – inactivates bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, ensuring that product water quality meets drinking water standard requirements.

System parameters:

1. Capacity: 0.25 – 100.00 m3/hr;
2. Desalination rate: ≥98%;
3. Operating pressure: 1.0-1.5 MPa;
4. Water recovery: 50-75%;
5. Product water conductivity: ≤10 µS/cm (when raw water is below 500 µS/cm).

  • Applications

1. Production of drinking water;
2. Clean water for food production: washing, cleaning, rinsing, blending, conservation, etc.;
3. Clean water for beverage production: dairy farms, wineries, soft drinks and juices. (Double pass RO system is 4. recommended in this case to improve water quality);
5. Chemical industry: blending and mixing, technical water, water with low ion concentration, etc.;
6. Power generation and heating: boilers, industrial power stations, cooling towers, circulating water;
7. Sea or brackish water desalination: removing excess of salt for hotels and island resorts, ships, offshore drilling platforms, and residential zones with saline raw water;
8. Farming and agriculture: livestock breeding and watering, plants irrigation, etc.

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