Media and chemicals

  • Corrosion and scale inhibitor

chemicalsCorrosion inhibitors that relieve water equipment fouling, corrosion of a water treatment agent, the agent by the alkaline substances and organic compound formed. Several commonly used inhibitors are as follows:

  • 1. Polyphosphates

There are three commonly used tripolyphosphate sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium hexametaphosphate, generating long-chain anions in water easily absorbed in the tiny grains of calcium carbonate, the same this is easy and CO32-anion exchange, thus preventing the precipitation of calcium carbonate.

  • 2. Organic phosphonic acid scale inhibitor

Commonly used ATMP, HEDP, EDTMPS, DTPMPA, PBTCA, BHMT and so on. On the inhibition of calcium carbonate, hydrated ferric oxide or calcium sulphate precipitation or precipitation with good results.

  • 3. The organic phosphonate

Organic phosphonate inhibiting calcium sulfate scale is better, but less effective in inhibiting calcium carbonate scale. Its toxicity is low, easy hydrolysis.

  • 4. Polycarboxylic dispersant

Polycarboxylate compounds on calcium carbonate scale has good scale inhibition, the dosage is also minimal. Commonly used are polyacrylic acid PAA, hydrolyzed maleic anhydride HPMA, AA / AMPS, multi-copolymer.

  • Germicide And Algicide

algicideBiocide is an efficient, fast, broad-spectrum, and security features, a strong killing effect. Periodic shock dosing, can effectively control bacteria in industrial circulating water, algae propagation and the resulting severe corrosion and localized corrosion under the scale with chlorine has good compatibility, can be used in conjunction with chlorine to better control microbial hazards, and has good dispersibility and permeability.

  • Flocculant

flocculantFlocculant of the formula: + CH2-CHn, are linear polymers, the molecular weight between 400 to 20 million. Flocculant make sewage isolated flocculation, degradation of the efficient mixing flora sewage processing, ensure that the sewage COD and BOD removal rate reached 100%. Several commonly used flocculants are as follows:

  • 1. PAC:

An inorganic polymer coagulant, widely used in urban water supply and drainage purification, industrial water purification, sewage and industrial wastewater.

  • 2. PFS:

Pale yellow amorphous solid powder, easily soluble in water, widely used in drinking water, industrial water, industrial wastewater, urban sewage, sludge dewatering purification.

  • 3. Polyacrylamide (PAM):

Water-soluble polymers, insoluble in most organic solvents, good flocculation resistance, widely used in papermaking, water treatment, oil drilling industry.

  • Cleaning agent

Cleaning-agentCleaning agent is a volatile liquid capable of dissolving the solvent permeate, check the surface for removing the excess permeate. Some cleaning agent specially designed specifically for the removal of metal hydroxides, calcium carbonate and other similar attached to the polyamide, polysulfone and the film surface of the membrane fouling components. In the cleaning agent to be checked before use cleaning tanks, piping and security filter and install a new filter.

  • GE-Betz antisludging agent

1. Suitable for use with SoliSep MPT150 organic flocculants.
2. Potable conformity certification (ANSI/NSF60 certification) standards.
3. Effective control of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, strontium sulfate scaling up +3.0 LSI is not caused by fouling.
4. All major reverse osmosis membrane can be used.
5. Jiblocked by the dispersed particles to maintain a clean reverse osmosis membrane surface.
6. The water’s pH is from 5 to 9 remain valid range.
7. Can be directly added or dilution.
8. Liquid product, easy to use Hypersperse MDC 220 membrane separation system is used to control and reduce particulate plugging scale precipitation. This high-performance scale inhibitor / dispersant formulations with SoliSep MPT150 particularly when used as organic flocculants design, especially important to note that if you are using flocculants and scale / dispersant compatible, otherwise it will cause reverse osmosis membrane obstruction .

  • Feature

1. Appearance: clear light amber liquid
2. Density: 1.15 ± 0.05
pH: 2.5 ± 0.5
Freezing point: -15 ℃
3. The product is a high-performance liquid inhibitor formulations used to control the membrane separation system of calcium carbonate, sulfate, and iron oxide precipitation fouling caused by using this scale inhibitor may be extended after the cleaning cycle of the system, the membrane life and reduce costs. This product has been widely used in reverse osmosis and nanofiltration device.
4. Dosage: dosage needed to be determined based on the individual device operating conditions, according to water salinity, temperature, recovery, reverse osmosis membrane type and other conditions which calculates an appropriate dosage, usually in 2 ~ 6mg / L.

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