Large scale CTF series Ozone generators

CTF generators are based on the same modern technologies as the Ozone generators, including the IGBT, modular power supply system, anti-backflow prevention, and stainless steel housing.

CTF generators are made of high-quality materials and imported components from world famous brands. They are designed for continuous 24/7 operation and large-scale applications.

  • Automatic alarm and shutdown functions

1. Emergency alarm and shutdown in case of no ozone/low ozone concentration. System automatically stops if ozone concentration in the effluent drops rapidly or if ozone is not generated. Potential causes:
a) There is no air/oxygen supply;
b) Effluent gas pipeline is blocked or leaking.

2. Backflow alarm and shutdown prevents water backflow into the system which can cause significant damage to the equipment. Before restarting the system, check the pressure in the outlet line, and make sure that there is no water inside the generation chamber. Blow the system with dry air or oxygen to remove any remaining water if needed.

3. Overheating alarm and shutdown. Stops the system when temperature rises above 50 C. Automatically returns to operation when the temperature drops down. Potential causes:
a) Cooling fans failure;
b) High ambient temperature;

4. Electric circuit failure shutdown. Prevents equipment damage in case of short circuit or other electric problems.

  • Advantages

Modern design and patented technologies. Electrode is capable of operating at a very high voltages, 5-10 times more than normal levels; greater reliability and service life;
Unique design prevents water backflow and stops the operation to avoid any damage;
High corrosion resistance ensures long service life of the equipment;
Stainless steel housing and strong reaction chamber guarantee the safe and stable operation;
Low footprint and energy consumption; 20-30% lower than similar products on the market;
Dual oxygen source – pure oxygen or dry air;
High efficiency and high effluent ozone concentrations.

  • Features

Suitable for commercial and industrial applications; up to 2,000 g/hr capacity;
Reliable concentric tube reaction chamber with air/oxygen intake options;
Corona discharge generation principle; low energy consumption; high ozone concentration;
Optional uninterrupted power supply and separate oxygen generator/air compressor;
Medium voltage, high frequency and high gas feed pressure for better efficiency;
Simple installation and operation.

  • Components

Reaction chamber, stainless steel housing, ampermeter and voltmeter, gas flow meter, check valves and control valves, cooling system (for CTF-6G to CTF-32G – air cooling; for CTF-40G and higher – water cooling is utilized).

  • Models

Standard models include: CTF-6G, 10G, 16G, 20G, 25G, 32G, 40G, 50G, 60G, 80G, 100G, 120G, 150G, 200G.
Generators with a capacity of 300G, 500G, 600G, 1000G, 1500G, 2000G, and higher are produced upon request.

  • CTF-6G-32G





For more details on the parameters, please download the file Ozone equipment offer 1210 (13-12-11)

  • CTF—40G —200G




For more details on the parameters, please download the file Ozone equipment offer 1210 (13-12-11)

  • CTF—300G —2000G


Note – The appearance might change over time. Please contact us to get most recent images.



For more details on the parameters, please download the file Ozone equipment offer 1210 (13-12-11)

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