Kitchen water purifier

  • Features

Food grade hollow fiber membranes
High capacity. Simple cleaning.No fouling
Corrosion resistant and leakage proof
5 mm thick FRP housing
No electricity involved, no electric shock risks
Simple installation and maintenance
Six-layer paint coating

health water

Removes 99.99% of bacteria and microbes

CEET Kitchen s are based on physical filtration method. Membranes are made of food-grade PAN with long hollowfiber structure and remove 99.99% of pathogens, including bacteria, cysts, and viruses; allowing important minerals to go through. You can enjoy crystal-clear, fresh, and safe water anytime you want.

 PAN hollow fiber membranes

We use the best food-grade laminated membranes available on the market. One meter of highly permeable membrane has about 6,000,000 pores with a diameter of 0.01 micro meter each. UF membrane filtration is an efficient and economical method for removing microparticles, pathogens, large metal ions, some salts, and heavy metals. Membrane filters can be used for large flowrates with minimal backwash time.

ultrafiltration membrane

house filter structure

Large UF units. High capacity. Long service life

Larger filters have a higher membrane surface area, reducing resistance to flow and pressure drop; therefore, they are capable of treating higher flowrates comparing to the smaller filters. They also have longer intervals between backwashing, due to a better membrane permeability.

ultrafiltration membrane 2

Ultrafiltration process


UF backwashing


  • Backwash prevents clogging

Efficient backwash design allows removing excess contaminants and cleaning the membrane surface. System is designed and tested according to the international standards to allow at least 200,000 backwash cycles, which is 30% higher that for any other brand name cartridges

  •  Tap water ultrafiltration.Simple backwashing. No clogging.

Modern technologies improve the per for mance . Using the hollow fiber membranes with asymmetrical structure and two open ends, allows to effectively remove a wide range of particle sizes without fouling. It results in a higher removal efficiency for suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, and other small particles. It also prevents “cake” formation on the membrane surface and decreases the resistance to flow.

  • No electricity involved. No electric shock risksdrinking water

Advanced membrane technology allows using municipal tap water pressure. No electric pump required. No electric shock risks in case of leakage

  •  Modern aircraft-grade fiberglass.Corrosion resistant. Over 10 years of service life

High quality filter housing

  • High quality filter housing

Durable, corrosion resistant filter shell made of imported materials. No rusting, no formaldehyde leakage. Enjoy safe and delicious water every day.

  • Stainless steel vs Fiberglass

Modern aircraft grade fiberglass vessel. No corrosion. 10 years of service life;
Stainless steel shell is more susceptible to corrosion, resulting in a shorter life time and potential leakage problems; 5 mm thick wall. High pressure resistance. Two-three times stronger than regular stainless steel shell;
Rigid and reliable structure. Can be used worldwide;Seamless fiberglass housing. No leakage risks;Stylish design. Wide choice of colors. Customized design available.

house filter color

  • Light and compact

Compact design. Several installation options. Low space
Soft lines, stylish appearance,and wide variety of colors help to integrate filter to the room interior

  • Reliable sealing

Rigid and secure connection. Filter is fixed on a flat surface by screws.
No hovering and dangling. Stable position reduces the risk of leakage




  • Hassle-free installation. You can do it yourself!

Minimalistic design. Few connection parts.
Easy to install with no leaks or damage risks

  • Sample installation



  • Accessories


uf filter

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